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Gripper system
Sewing light
Number of stitches
Max. Stitch width
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Universal needles 130/705 H
Universal needles 130/705 H
from CHF4.50 *
Embroidery needles 130/705 H-E
Embroidery needles 130/705 H-E
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#52D Zigzag sewing foot with sliding sole
#52D Zigzag sewing foot with sliding sole
CHF68.00 *
set of 20 - sewing thread all-purpose Gütermann rPET 100 m
set of 20 - sewing thread all-purpose Gütermann rPET 100 m
CHF54.60 *
Mega hoop embroidery hoop
Mega hoop embroidery hoop
CHF239.00 *
  • BERNINA stitchprecision² technology
  • Pinpoint BERNINA laser
  • 4-point placement with morphing
  • BERNINA Stitchout app
  • Customizable quilt patterns
BERNINA 790 PRO - The next generation of embroidery and quilting As precise as a PRO!... more

BERNINA 790 PRO - The next generation of embroidery and quilting

As precise as a PRO!

  • Embroidery precision of the next generation
  • Even faster embroidery
  • First-class stitch quality

The B 790 PRO relies on revolutionary BERNINA stitchprecision2 technology to elevate your sewing, quilting and embroidery experiences to unprecedented levels. Thanks to Swiss innovations, you'll not only achieve first-class stitch quality, but also up to 33% higher speed with the SDT embroidery module. Next-generation embroidery precision - experience it for yourself!

Laser-sharp positioning

  • Laser in every needle position
  • Displays exact needle penetration point
  • Precision from A to Z

Experience absolute precision with pinpoint needle placement for flawless projects. The groundbreaking BERNINA laser allows you to effortlessly see and control the precise needle insertion point in every needle position when sewing and embroidering. Perfection in every stitch - get inspired!

Automatic needle threading

  • Ready to sew in no time
  • Threading at the touch of a button
  • Simply convenient

Start your sewing, quilting and embroidery projects effortlessly with the automatic needle threader - your guarantee for a smooth start and uncomplicated thread changes. From needle size 70, a simple push of a button enables effortless threading of the top thread in standard sewing and embroidery needles. Convenience and speed, guaranteed every time!

Placement to match the project

  • Simple 4-point placement
  • Proportional positioning
  • Deformation to match the project

Achieve effortless precision in the placement of your embroidery or quilting designs with breakthrough 4-point placement technology. It's never been easier to position your design with millimeter precision. Simply set four points on the fabric in the embroidery hoop and you can place your design proportionally or adjust it to perfectly fit the shape you want. Creativity without limits!

Follow the embroidery process via smartphone

  • With the BERNINA Stitchout app
  • Real-time status updates
  • Transfer designs from or to embroidery software 9

Discover limitless connectivity and convenience with the WiFi-enabled BERNINA 790 PRO! Effortlessly transfer designs between your machine and the optional BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 and enjoy seamless interaction. With the innovative BERNINA Stitchout app, you can conveniently monitor the embroidery process from your smartphone. Get in-app notifications and real-time status updates that make embroidery an even more enjoyable experience. Always stay connected and in control of your creativity.

Customize quilt patterns

  • Quilt like a PRO!
  • Change stitches per inch
  • Unlimited scaling

Conquer the world of quilting with our innovative customizable quilt patterns (BQM files) that bring the performance features of professional long-arm quilting machines to your embroidery machine. With unlimited scalability of your designs, the ability to adjust the number of stitches per inch (SPI) and a variety of other settings, we offer the perfect solution for computerized quilting on your embroidery machine. Take your quilting to the next level and create your projects the way you've always wanted!

Create custom stitches

  • Create your own stitches in the stitch designer
  • Edit existing stitch designs
  • Save stitch creations

Unleash your creative energy and design unique stitches by conjuring up your ideas directly on the touchscreen. With just one click, the B 790 PRO transforms your creative sketches into a stitch design or adapts existing stitches to your individual ideas. You can easily save your stitch creations to continuously expand your own stitch library.

Extra-large touchscreen

  • Superb 7-inch touchscreen
  • Easy operation & large icons
  • Optimally placed in the center

Experience effortless operation and ease of use thanks to a generous 7-inch touchscreen. This not only allows you to operate the machine conveniently, but also offers direct tips and tricks as well as short, clear instructional animations to teach you important work steps in an easy-to-understand way. Discover the world of embroidery and sewing in a new way, and get valuable support directly from the touchscreen of the BERNINA 790 PRO.

Align patterns the way you want

  • Both horizontally and vertically
  • Center, left, right, top, bottom
  • Align multi-line texts 

Easily bring your embroidery designs into perfect horizontal or vertical alignment. Use the multi-line lettering and text alignment feature to customize your text placement to your personal preferences. You can even design up to 10 lines of text with ease thanks to the line break feature. Design your projects the way you like best and give them a custom touch that lets your creativity shine!

From idea to shape

  • Combine shapes
  • Arrange embroidery designs
  • Any shape is possible

Increase your creative scope with a single click and design embroidery designs just as you like by arranging them in the desired formation. Whether it's in a circle, square or heart shape, our built-in Shape Designer allows you to create new and unique patterns that will make your embroidery projects truly one-of-a-kind. Your creative vision knows no bounds, and the B 790 PRO is here to support you.

Even more editing options

  • Border embroidery
  • Group and ungroup designs
  • Rearrange motifs

Use the helpful grouping of objects feature to edit multiple elements at once, or ungroup them to make each object individual. Easily repeat and align embroidery designs to create stunning, seamless borders with the innovative Border Embroidery feature. Your creativity knows no bounds, and the B 790 PRO gives you the tools to create unique embroidery projects!

Smart embroidery technology even smarter

  • Perfect becomes masterful
  • Embroidery speed increased even further
  • Even better stitch quality

    BERNINA stitchprecision2 technology adds even more power to the already impressive BERNINA embroidery module with Smart Drive Technology (SDT). Experience an impressive increase in embroidery speed and even better stitch quality. Your embroidery projects will be completed faster and look even more professional. Put your faith in the future of embroidery - with BERNINA!

BERNINA innovations just for you!

  • Finest sewing and embroidery results
  • Perfect & precise stitch pattern
  • Practical help for free-motion sewing

With the groundbreaking BERNINA adaptive thread tension control, thread tension is constantly monitored and automatically adjusted. Perfect results are guaranteed with the included BERNINA stitch regulator, which always ensures precise stitches of equal length at variable sewing speeds. Your sewing projects will be flawless as never before, and you can concentrate on what really counts - your creativity!

Sew any material like a PRO

  • Excellent fabric feed
  • Optimal visibility while sewing
  • Easy activation of Dual Feed

With the revolutionary BERNINA Dual Transport, you'll experience smooth and gentle fabric feed, even on smooth and fine materials. This innovative feature is easy to activate and ensures your sewing projects are effortless and precise.

Extra-large bobbin thread

  • Perfect for decorative stitches
  • Embroider & sew longer without interruptions
  • More time for creative brainstorming
The BERNINA hook with a generous stitch width of 0 to 9 mm is a real speed wonder, sewing at up to 1000 stitches per minute. But that's not all - the extra-large bobbin underthread has room for up to 70% more thread compared to conventional bobbins. That means fewer interruptions and more time for sewing, quilting and embroidery.

Features and functions

General functions

Place to the right of the needle 254 mm
Sewing light 30 LED
Sewing speed 1000 stitches/min
Number of stitches 1352
Max. Stitch length 6 mm
Max. Stitch width 9 mm
Needle positions 11
Sewing in any needle position Yes
Automatic thread cutter Yes
Manual thread trimmer 3
Number of spool holders 2
Semi-automatic needle threader Yes
Automatic sewing foot pressure Yes
Adaptive BERNINA thread tension Yes
Winding during sewing / embroidery Yes
Automatic needle stop (top & bottom) Yes
Automatic presser foot lifter Yes
BERNINA Dual Transport (BDT) Yes
BERNINA Freehand System (FHS) Yes
Knee lever for freehand system (FHS) Yes
BERNINA Stitch regulator BSR Functionality (straight & zigzag embroidery) Yes
Drag & Drop Yes
Eco mode Yes
Speed controller Yes
Reverse sewing Yes
History (storage of the last stitches) Yes
Memory (short-term memory) Yes
Memory (long-term memory) Yes
Multifunction knobs Yes
Upper thread monitoring Yes
Onscreen Help Yes
Personal program Yes
Setup program Yes
Start & stop button (sewing without foot control) Yes
Bobbin thread monitoring Yes
USB port for PC connection Yes

Sewing and quilting

Mirror function left/right, top/bottom
360° Sewing Yes
Number of sewing stitches (incl. alphabets) 1352
Number of useful stitches 32
Number of decorative stitches 506
Number of decorative stitches (cross feed) 117
Number of buttonholes (incl. eyelets) 15
Number of cross stitches 37
Number of sewing alphabets 8
Number of quilting stitches 34
Tamping program(s) Yes
Automatic length measuring buttonhole Yes
Automatic buttonhole Yes
Manual multistep buttonhole Yes
Triple stitch Yes
Creating and saving sewing stitch combinations Yes
Cross transport Yes
Start of pattern function Yes
Function pattern end Yes
Button sewing program Yes
Monograms (only for cross transport) Yes
Pattern end programmable Yes
Change pattern length Yes
Safety function Stitch plate, Sewing needle
Tutorial (Sewing) Yes


Embroidery functionality Yes
Embroidery module (size L) Yes
Reduce number of color changes Yes
Number of embroidery designs 332
Number of embroidery alphabets 18
Automatic embroidery hoop recognition Yes
BERNINA embroidery software compatible Yes
BERNINA PunchWork tool compatible Yes
Border embroidery Yes
Clever sewing stitch detection Yes
Color wheel Yes
Free arm embroidery Yes
Function thread removal Yes
Group / Ungroup Yes
Stapling in the frame Yes
Import / export of samples via USB Yes
Save last embroidery position Yes
Sewing stitches in embroidery mode Yes
Maximum embroidery area 400 x 210 mm
Pattern editing via touchscreen Rotate, Combine, Postioning, Scale, Mirror
Pinpoint placement Yes
Change the order of the embroidery designs Yes
Undo / Redo Yes
Memory for own embroidery designs Yes
Embroidery sequence control Yes
Embroidery speed maximum 1000 stitches/min
Embroidery design formats DST, EXP, JEF, PCS, PEC, PES, SEW, XXX
Tutorial (Embroidery) Yes
Invisible sewing Yes
Bobbin thread high function Yes
Connection stitches cutting programmable Yes
Word ART Yes
Midi-hoop functionality (embroidery area: 265 × 165 mm) Embroidery hoop optional Yes
Mega hoop functionality (embroidery area: 400 × 150 mm) Embroidery hoop optional Yes
Maxi hoop functionality (embroidery area: 400 × 210 mm) Embroidery hoop optional Yes
Jumbo hoop functionality (limited embroidery area: 400 × 210 mm) Embroidery hoop optional Yes

Technical data

Article type Sewing machine
Series BERNINA 7 Series
Machine B 790 PLUS
Gripper system BG BERNINA hook
Functions Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting
Weight 14 kg
Mass L / W / H 522 / 214 / 358 mm
Display Touchscreen color (7" / 18 cm)
Color White / Black
Warranty 2 years

Comfort features

Foot controller Back kick
Adjustable presser foot pressure Yes
Slide-on table Yes
Dust cover Yes
Thread tension adjustable during sewing Yes
BSR foot #42 (BERNINA stitch regulator) Yes
Sewing consultant Yes
Stitch modification during sewing Yes
Stitch Designer Yes
Embroidery consultant Yes

Scope of delivery

#1C back feed sewing foot
#1D back feed sewing foot
#2A overlock sewing foot
#3A automatic buttonhole foot
#4D zipper sewing foot
#5 blind stitch sewing foot
#8D jeans foot
#20C open stitch foot
#26L teardrop-shaped embroidery foot
#40C cross feed foot
#42 BERNINA stitch regulator BSR
Knee lever for free-motion system FHS
Slide-on table
Edge ruler to slide-on table
BERNINA foot controller with back-kick function
Power cord
Accessory box
Dust cover
5 bobbin thread spools
Touch pen
Straight and CutWork stitch plate (orange)
Edge ruler right
Cleaning brush
Arrow separator / buttonhole opener
Torx screwdriver gray
Angle screwdriver Torx
Screwdriver red
Needle assortment
Height compensation
Sewing machine oil
2 foam plates
4 bobbins
3 drain discs (small, medium, large)
Embroidery module L
#26 Embroidery foot
Embroidery hoop oval large (145 x 255 mm)
Embroidery hoop medium (100 x 130 mm)
Embroidery hoop small (72 x 50 mm)
USB connection cable
Assortment of embroidery needles
Embroidery template holder
Net for upper thread spool
Instruction manual

Helpful links and videos

Here you will find all the helpful links and videos to help you with your sewing projects.

Available downloads
Video instructions

Die neue Dimension des Nähens, Quiltens und Stickens

Einfädeln und spulen

Punktgenauen Laser benutzen

Nähstiche selber erstellen

Stichmuster und Alphabete kombinieren

BERNINA Stitchout App verwenden

Stickmuster exakt positionieren mit der 4-Punkt-Platzierung

Stickmuster positionieren mit der 2-Punkt-Platzierung

Mehrzeilige Schriftzüge erstellen und ausrichten

Stickmuster gruppieren und Gruppierungen aufheben

Nähen und Quilten mit dem BERNINA Stichregulator (BSR)

Verwendung von BQM-Stickdateien

Reinigen und Ölen

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20er -Set - Gütermann Nähfaden Allesnäher rPET 100 m set of 20 - sewing thread all-purpose Gütermann...
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Mettler POLY SHEEN® Stickfadenkoffer mit 96 Spulen Mettler POLY SHEEN® Embroidery thread case with...
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BERNINA Kräusler #86 #86 Kräusler
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Accessories box Accessories box
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Accessories box Accessories box
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BERNINA Mega-Hoop Stickrahmen Mega hoop embroidery hoop
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BERNINA Spulen-Box mit Unterfaden-Spulen Box for bobbin thread bobbins (BERNINA hook)...
Content 1 set
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BERNINA Stickmodul M Embroidery module M
Content 1 piece
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bernette magnetischer Stickrahmen bernette magnetic embroidery hoop S
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Stoff- und Schneiderschere Fabric scissors with "BERNINA" logo
Content 1 piece
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Magnet-Nadelkissen Magnetic pin holder
Content 1 piece
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