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Gripper system
Sewing light
Number of stitches
  • BERNINA One-Step air threader
  • Extremely fast, precise & quiet
  • Practical free arm
  • Total stitch control for perfect seams
  • Generous sewing area
BERNINA L850 - Fast, precise and quiet One-Step BERNINA air threader Guide thread... more

BERNINA L850 - Fast, precise and quiet

BERNINA L850 feature air feeder

One-Step BERNINA air threader

  • Guide thread through the machine by air
  • Automatically correct position of the looper
  • Threading that's fun

When threading the two looper threads, both hands remain free to guide the threads, as the threads are guided through the machine by air in no time at all with one step on the foot pedal.

BERNINA L850 Feature Comfort

Comfortable sewing

  • Lift & lower presser foot simply by knee lever
  • Free hands to guide the fabric
  • Easy access to needles thanks to swing-out presser foot

With the BERNINA Free-Hand System (FHS), you can easily raise and lower the presser foot using the knee lever. Furthermore, the presser foot can be swung out to the side for convenient access to the needles.

BERNINA L850 feature stitch control

Total stitch control for perfect seams

  • Process different fabrics & threads in any combination
  • Individual settings for total stitch control
  • Infinitely adjustable differential feed

The L 850 offers various settings for total stitch control - all individually adjustable. Best of all, you can make them while sewing, including adjusting thread tension, stitch length, cut width and mtc thread control.

BERNINA L850 feature speed

Extremely fast, precise & quiet

  • Sew up to 1500 stitches per minute
  • Powerful, consistent performance & precision
  • Extremely quiet running

With the L 850, you not only sew extremely fast, but also stitch-by-stitch. This makes it even easier to sew precise lines and curves. All this with the smooth running for which BERNINA has always been renowned.


Threading in a jiffy

  • Thanks to integrated needle threader
  • Automatic needle stop
  • Color-coded threading paths

With the integrated needle threader and automatic needle stop at the top, you'll be threading your threads in no time. Switching from an overlock seam to a rolled hem or flat seam is also child's play, with no change in threading path.

BERNINA L850 feature slide-on table

Generous sewing area

  • 14.3 cm space to the right of the needles
  • Slide-on table included
  • Practical free arm

With the L 850, you get plenty of room for creativity, in the truest sense of the word. More space to the right of the needles and more clearance than ever before on a BERNINA overlocker. Plus the practical free arm, where sleeves or cuffs can simply be slipped over it.

Features and functions

General functions

Sewing light 8 LED
Sewing speed 1500 stitches/min
Number of stitches 18
2, 3 and 4 thread stitches Yes
Manual needle threader Yes
BERNINA Freehand System (FHS) Yes
Knee lever for freehand system (FHS) Yes
mtc thread control Yes
Place to the right of the needle 143 mm
Fabric collection container Yes
Stitch length 0.8 - 4.5 mm
Differential transport 0,7 - 2
Wide overlock stitches 3 - 7 mm
Wide rolled hem stitches 1,5 mm
Slide-on table Yes
Passage height 86 mm
2-stage presser foot lifter with presser foot tip lift Yes
6-stage presser foot pressure adjustment Yes
Semi-automatic needle threader Yes
Automatic needle stop at the top Yes
Seam width 3 - 9 mm
Sewing foot pressure manually adjustable Yes
Rolled hem lever integrated in throat plate Yes
Top gripper cover integrated Yes

Stitch pattern

4-thread overlock with integrated safety seam Yes
3 thread overlock wide Yes
3 thread overlock narrow Yes
3-thread flat seam wide Yes
3-thread flat seam narrow Yes
3-thread Super Stetch Yes
3 thread rolled seam Yes
3-thread rolled hem Yes
3-thread picot stitch Yes
2 thread overlock wide Yes
2-thread overlock narrow Yes
2-thread flat seam wide Yes
2-thread flat seam narrow Yes
2-thread rolled hem Yes
2-thread edge wrapper wide Yes
2-thread edge wrapper narrow Yes
2-thread festoon stitch wide Yes
2-thread festoon stitch narrow Yes

Technical data

Article type Overlocker
Series BERNINA L Series
Machine L 850
Gripper system OL Overlock (2 overlock hooks)
Weight 12,3 kg
Mass L / W / H 430 / 280 / 350 mm
Display No
Color White / Silver
Warranty 2 years

Comfort features

Foot controller Back kick
BERNINA One-Step air threader (looper threads) Yes
Needle threader integrated Yes
Color-coded threading paths Yes
Accessories in threader cover Yes
Differential feed, adjustable during sewing Yes
Presser foot swivels out with automatic swivel back Yes
Thread tension adjustable during sewing Yes
Thread tension release when the sewing foot is raised Yes
Needle up/down with BERNINA foot control Yes
Stitch length, adjustable during sewing Yes
Cutting width adjustable during sewing Yes
Knife activation/deactivation from the outside Yes
Safety switch when the lid is open or the sewing foot is raised Yes

Scope of delivery

Standard overlock sewing foot L10 (with tape guide)
Slide-on table
Fabric collector
BERNINA foot control with Back-Kick
Power cord
Knee lever free-hand system (FHS)
Dust cover
Seam guide ruler right
Manual needle threader/inserter
Needle set ELX705 CF assorted
Hexagon screwdriver 1,5 mm
Accessory box
Blade cover insert
Overlock oil
Cone holder (4pcs)
Bobbin net (4pcs)
Thread guide disc (4pcs)
Torx T10 - screwdriver
Threading wire

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Schnittbreite, mtc, Rollsaum

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3-Faden Superstretch & 2-Faden Kantenumschlinger

Rollsaum mit 3 oder 2 Fäden

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2-Faden Festonstich, 2-Faden Overlock

Stichoptimierung 4- und 3-Faden Overlock

Stichoptimierung 3-Faden Superstretch, 2-Faden Kantenumschlinger

Stichoptimierung 3-Faden Rollsaum, Picotstich

Stichoptimierung 3-Faden Flachnaht

Stichoptimierung 2-Faden Flachnaht, 2-Faden Overlock, 2-Faden Festonstich

Stichoptimierung 3-Faden Rollsaum mit Metallicfaden

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