bernette b68 AIRLOCK

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Presser foot - set bernette b44 / b48 / b64 AIRLOCK / b68 AIRLOCK
Presser foot - set bernette b44 / b48 / b64 AIRLOCK / b68 AIRLOCK
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Presser foot - set bernette b42 / b48 / b62AIRLOCK / b68 AIRLOCK
Presser foot - set bernette b42 / b48 / b62AIRLOCK / b68 AIRLOCK
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coverstitch-Needles ELX705 CF
coverstitch-Needles ELX705 CF
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  • combined overlock/coverstitch machine
  • automatic air threader for looper threads
  • free arm
  • color-coded thread paths
  • mtc thread control
  • free hand system (FHS) incl. knee lever
Combined overlockcoverstitch machine with automatic air threader This is the bernette b68... more

Combined overlockcoverstitch machine with automatic air threader

This is the bernette b68 AIRLOCK: A combo machine that lets you sew overlock, coverstitch, chainstitch and combination stitches. Its strengths include an air threader for easy threading of hook threads, 130 mm of space to the right of the needle for comfortable sewing of large projects - especially for coverstitch- applications, an integrated free arm for sewing cuffs, 5 LEDs provide bright illumination of the sewing area and the knee lever for raising and lowering the presser foot. Total 31 different overlock, cover, chain and combo stitches are available.

b68_air injector

Automatic air threader for looper threads

Threading the hook has never been easier or faster thanks to the air threader. With the simple push of a button, each looper can be threaded individually or together.


5 LEDs in the sewing area

The well-lit working area of the bernette b68 AIRLOCK makes sewing as well as threading the hook and needles easier. The 5 LEDs enable precise and accurate work.


mtc thread control

The mtc thread control saves you a lot of time and effort while ensuring consistently high stitch quality because you only have to adjust the thread tension once, even if you change the cutting width or fabric quantity.


Plenty of space thanks to the large working area (130 mm)

The 130 mm to the right of the needle adds a new dimension. The generous working area makes it easy to guide large sewing projects, and it also makes your needle and bobbin case tasks a whole lot easier: changing the presser foot, attaching the top bobbin cover, and many more.


Free arm

The b68 AIRLOCK features a free-arm to make it easier to sew round pieces, such as sleeves or pant legs.

b68_slide-on table

Large slide-on table for large projects

Easy to attach and included, the slide-on table makes sewing and fabric guidance even more convenient, especially for large sewing projects. The fabric glides smoothly over the rounded table.

b68_Freehand system_FHS

Free-hand system (FHS)

With the included knee lever, your hands remain free to comfortably position the fabric under the presser foot. You can also easily lift the presser foot with your knee by pressing the lever to the right.

Features and functions

General functions

Sewing light 5 LED
Sewing speed 1300 stitches/min
2-, 3-, 4- and 5-thread stitches Yes
2, 3 and 4 thread stitches Yes
Number of stitches 31
Automatic air threader for looper threads Yes
Manual needle threader Yes
Free-hand system (FHS) incl. knee lever Yes
mtc thread control Yes
Place to the right of the needle 130 mm
Fabric collection container Yes
Stitch length 1 - 5 mm
Differential transport 0,6 - 2
Wide overlock stitches 3 - 7 mm
Wide rolled hem stitches 1,5 mm
Wide cover stitches 2.8 / 5.6 mm
Slide-on table Yes

Stitch pattern

5-thread stitch (3-thread overlock wide and 2-thread chain stitch) Yes
5-thread stitch (3-thread overlock narrow and 2-thread chain stitch) Yes
4-thread stitch (2-thread overlock wide and 2-thread chain stitch) Yes
4-thread stitch (2-thread overlock narrow and 2-thread chain stitch) Yes
4-thread overlock with integrated safety seam Yes
4-thread coverstitch Yes
3 thread overlock wide Yes
3 thread overlock narrow Yes
3-thread flat seam wide Yes
3-thread flat seam narrow Yes
3 thread rolled seam Yes
3-thread rolled hem Yes
3-thread picot stitch Yes
3-thread Super Stetch Yes
3-thread coverstitch wide Yes
3-thread coverstitch narrow Yes
3-thread coverstitch narrow LC-CC Yes
3-thread coverstitch narrow CC-RC Yes
2 thread overlock wide Yes
2-thread overlock narrow Yes
2-thread flat seam wide Yes
2-thread flat seam narrow Yes
2-thread rolled hem Yes
2-thread edge wrapper wide Yes
2-thread edge wrapper narrow Yes
2-thread chain stitch Yes

Technical data

Article type combined overlock and coverstitch machine
Series bernette 60 series
Machine b68 AIRLOCK Combo
Gripper system CMO Combo (3 looper / 2 overlock looper + 1 cover looper)
Weight 9.3 kg
Mass L / W / H 430 / 270 / 290 mm
Color White
Warranty 2 years

Comfort features

Foot controller Standard
Color-coded threading paths Yes
Accessories in the gripper cover Yes
Differential feed, adjustable during sewing Yes

Scope of delivery

Standard sewing foot
Foot control with power cord
Fabric collecting bin
Knife cover insert
Cover stitch insert
Cover stitch insert for sliding table
Free arm cover
Sliding table
Knee lever/free hand system (FHS)
Extendable thread guide
Accessory box
Needle set ELx705 CF
Upper looper cover
Needle threader/inserter
Machine oil
Cone holder (5 x)
Bobbin net (5 x)
Aden drainage disk (5 x)
CS securing tool
Threading wire
Decorative thread guide

Helpful links and videos

Here you will find all the helpful links and videos to help you with your sewing projects.

Available downloads
Video instructions

Greifer einfädeln mit dem Lufteinfädler

Nadeln einfädeln für Overlockstiche

Nadeln einfädeln für Coverstich und Kettenstich

Nadeln einfädeln für Kombistiche

Von Overlock auf Coverstich umstellen

Von Coverstich auf Overlock umstellen

Kombistich – Grundeinstellungen und Nähprobe

Overlock/Coverstitch Combo Machines of BERNINA and bernette, Similarities & Differences

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