Embroidery module L (SDT)

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Delivery time approx. 3 - 6 Workdays

  • With Smart Drive Technology (SDT)
  • Up to 55% higher embroidery speed
  • Effortless free-arm embroidery
  • Embroidery area of up to 400 x 260 mm / 15.7 x 8.3"
  • For machines of the BERNINA 7 and 8 series
For precise and breathtaking embroidery quality The embroidery module transforms the... more

For precise and breathtaking embroidery quality

The embroidery module transforms the embroidery-capable BERNINA sewing machine into an embroidery machine with which reliable and breathtaking embroidery results can be achieved in no time at all. With the generous embroidery area, all embroidery projects can be implemented conveniently. BERNINA offers an extensive range of embroidery hoops in various sizes and shapes for this purpose. In addition, this embroidery module can be used to embroider already closed, tubular sewing projects such as trouser legs, blouses, coat pockets or small T-shirts without any problems.


Smart Drive Technology (SDT)

  • Smoother movement, less vibration
  • Embroider even faster and more efficiently
  • Improved embroidery quality

The embroidery module with new BERNINA Smart Drive Technology (SDT) enhances your embroidery experience with improved stitch quality, smoother and quieter movement, and up to 55% faster embroidery speed.


Conveniently implement large projects

Thanks to the embroidery module with Smart Drive Technology (SDT), you can achieve reliable and stunning embroidery results. In addition, this embroidery module makes it easy to embroider already closed, tubular sewing projects such as larger tote bags, blouses or T-shirts.

Features and functions

Technical data

Article type Embroidery module
Series BERNINA 8 Series, BERNINA 7 Series
Machine B 880 PLUS, B 880, B 790 PLUS, B 780, B 770 QE, B 750 QE, B 720, B 700 E
Warranty 2 years

Scope of delivery

Embroidery module L (SDT)
#26 Embroidery foot
Embroidery hoop oval large (145 x 255 mm)
Embroidery hoop medium (100 x 130 mm)
Embroidery hoop small (72 x 50 mm)
USB connection cable
Assortment of embroidery needles
Embroidery template holder
Net for upper thread spool

Helpful links and videos

Here you will find all the helpful links and videos to help you with your sewing projects.

Video instructions

BERNINA 7xx: Erste Schritte beim Sticken

BERNINA 7xx: Stickmuster bearbeiten

BERNINA 7xx: Eigene Stichmuster kreieren

BERNINA 880: Erste Schritte beim Sticken, einfädeln und Stoff einspannen

BERNINA 880: Stickmuster anordnen mit dem Shape Designer

BERNINA 880: Stickmustervariationen erstellen mit dem Farbrad

BERNINA 880: Stickmuster bearbeiten und Extras

BERNINA 880: Bordürensticken / Nähstiche sticken

BERNINA Smart Drive Technology SDT

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